17 October 2023

103. Play Boosters

Carl and Garrett do a for-real old school official debate, taking opposite sides to duke it out over the surprising news that Play Boosters will soon be replacing both Draft Boosters and Set Boosters.

13 February 2023

78. Early 17Lands Data Impressions (ONE)

Carl puts on his big nerd hat (just kidding, he's always a big nerd) and evaluates early 17Lands data and what insights it can provide into Phyrexia: All Will Be One. And Garrett once again calmly reacts to the generous reception that the new format was given (just kidding again, he goes on another rant).

25 January 2023

76. Variance and Tilt Part 3: The Shuffler

Carl and Garrett debate our primal brains one last time in the final installment of our variance and tilt series, where we go head-to-head with the most dreaded variance-factory in Magic: the shuffler. We even built a cool online tool called the R.A.D. (Reasonable, Acceptable Draw) Simulator to highlight the overarching point, and finish the episode with an in depth into our personal experiences trying to overcome tilt.

Check out the R.A.D. Simulator for yourself at rad.mysticaldispute.com.

11 January 2023

74. Variance and Tilt Part 2: Alternate Universes

Carl and Garrett continue their debate against their angry brains in the second part of a series evaluating variance via data to combat tilt. Carl put together some high level math models to simulate Garrett's performance, a thousand seasons of Arena ranked draft from top 17Lands users, and the entire careers of the most prolific Magic pros.

2 November 2022

Update: Magic 30

A (very, very) quick update from Magic 30 which Garrett attended and Carl did not (boo, Carl). Not really an episode but you heard it here folks: MORE. OF. THESE. EVENTS. PLEASE!

26 October 2022

64. Forty One Cards

Garrett puts Carl on trial: Why does he play more than forty cards in his limited decks so often? Or ever? Does he know he's allowed to play just forty? Has he abandoned math completely? Is it obvious who writes the episode descriptions? Find out!

5 October 2022

61. The Tricks (DMU)

Carl and Garrett discuss (in an extra long episode) one of the format-defining aspects of Dominaria United: the tricks. We debate how fun they are and some of the more influential tricks in this very unique format.

7 September 2022

57. Timely Interference (DMU)

Carl and Garett debate the tricky cantrip Timely Interference in the brand new Dominaria United format, and Carl deep dives on how to get the most out of this (surprisingly? unsurprisingly?) powerful single mana card while Gerit continues to be a curmudgeon (as usual).

8 June 2022

48. The "Bad" Cards with Chris Palmiotti and Benjy Jay (SNC)

Carl and Garrett welcome cameo special guest appearances from Chris Palmiotti (FloridaMun) and Benjy Jay (TaJoordan) to debate five different "bad" cards from Streets of New Capenna: sometimes undervalued cards with below average win rates.

Check out Chris' Twitch stream at twitch.tv/FloridaMun, Twitter at @FloridaMun and his draft team and podcast Draft Lab, and check out Benjy on Twitch at twitch.tv/TaJoordan and Twitter at @TaJoordan.

3 May 2022

43. Sky Crier (SNC)

Carl and Garrett have been enjoying (and crying at) the brand new format Streets of New Capenna and take a look at the color win rates as well as a weird card, the tax-paying 1/1 Sky Crier.

27 April 2022

42. Grab Bag II

Carl and Garrett polled the community for debate questions for the second ever quick-fire Grab Bag episode! Listen to them debate gripping topics from favorite worst Magic card to N64 vs. PS1. And maybe there's a surprise or something.

Completely unrelated, check out former Mystical Dispute co-host Zach's podcast Stream It!

5 April 2022

39. Basic Mountain (NEO)

Carl and Garrett debate a little-known edge case card called Basic Mountain in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Jokes aside, red is a hotly debated topic in Kamigawa, with many players avoiding it but still others finding a ton of success. Garrett usually avoids the color but Carl defends it.

22 March 2022

37. The "Bad" Cards (NEO)

Carl and Garrett debate six different "bad" cards: cards that have a below average win rate. Sometimes you have to play situational cards, and sometimes situational cards are good... in the right situation!

15 February 2022

32. Okiba Reckoner Raid vs. Twisted Embrace (NEO)

Carl and Garrett try a new episode format: pitting two cards against each other for a head-to-head debate! Each co-host picked a card to argue the pros and cons and why they think it's a better pick, this time with two top-performing black commons in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty — a powerful creature and a solid removal spell.

Plus, exciting news! Mystical Dispute has launched a Patreon, so you can support the show at patreon.com/mysticaldispute!

18 January 2022

28. Grab Bag I

Carl and Garrett asked for help with questions from the community for our inaugural quick-fire grab bag episode! Listen to them debate gripping topics from best format from 2021 to frog-flavored lollipops.

21 December 2021

24. BOMBS, Pt. II with Ethan Saks (Innistrad: Crimson Vow)

Special Guest and New Challenger Ethan Saks demands a rematch with Carl and Garrett to defend the honor of Bombs in Innistrad: Crimson Vow from the so-called unfair treatment they received last episode. Grab your popcorn as Carl defends his position, Garrett plays the part of the completely impartial moderator, and Ethan lays down the heat in the showdown of the century.

Check out Ethan's Twitch stream at twitch.tv/lordtupperware, Twitter at @lordtupperware and his podcast Lords of Limited at lordsoflimited.com.